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Advantages of Agent Management System

Here are some of the benefits or advantages of using Agent Management System (AMS) in your online gaming platform: Comprehensive Agent Network The AMS provides your brand with the opportunity to get as many new players as possible, thanks to the comprehensiveness of the network. It is better to go for a multi-level Agent Management System (AMS) that allows both agents and sub-agents to work in different ways to increase the number base of your online gaming platform. Real-Time Monitoring Sportsbook agents do not only use AMS to widen the customer base of the platform. They also use it as a monitoring tool for real-time analysis of the players’ statistics, activities and bonuses. The software can also serve the same purpose for the sportsbook, in the sense that the bookmaker can use it to get real-time updates on the agents and Substratum-agents. The bookmaker can also use the software to obtain information on statistics and bets of the agents. Enhanced Productivity The Agent Management System (AMS) is also a tool for bolstering the performance of the agents. The automation of the system via the integration in a casino management system makes it easier to monitor the performances of both players and agents from one interface. Revenue Maximization It is also possible to use the Agent Management System (AMS) to maximize the revenue of your sportsbooks. This is possible because of the automated management of players and agents, the fairness, reduced maintenance downtime and real-time dispute resolution.

What to Look for in an Agent Management System

These are some of the features to look for or the important factors to consider before choosing an Agent Management System (AMS): API Integration The System should have WEB API integration, which makes it easier to integrate or add it to other platforms. Money Transfer Do the AMS have money or credit transfer features? This allows you to make real-time transfer of funds from the online gaming platform to the accounts of the players and agents, after they must have accomplished a task that attracted the bonus. Ticketing System Most players would want to be in control of their payments on the sportsbook. This can be offered via the inclusion of a ticketing system that allows the players to play and wager on several games, without using cash. Secure Payment Channels The inclusion of several payment methods is important, as this gives the players the opportunity to pay for the services rendered on the platform without having payment issues. In addition to fiat currencies and bank transfers, consider adding cryptocurrency payment gateways. The payment channels also need to be secure. Bonus System The Agent Management System (AMS) should also have a bonus System that allows the users to earn bonuses for signing up, completing specific tasks and playing certain games on the platform. The bonus system on the AMS should also disburse and monitor loyalty programs, referrals and rewards. Back Office The Agent Management System (AMS) should also have a back office, which is a medium for you to manage most of the games offered on the platform. The back office is also a medium for monitoring, managing and optimizing the sportsbook or online casino to function optimally. Third-Party Bet Placement Agents do not only recruit more players to use your sportsbook. They also go out of their ways to help the players navigate the online gaming platform. One of the best ways to help the players is to place bets on their behalf. You can try now on the Agent System offered by NuxGame to see how this works. Accessibility The Agent Management System should also be accessible from different platforms. For example, it should be convenient to access the system from your tablet, desktop and mobile devices. Player Retention Find out if the AMS offers the agents the ability to retain the players they attracted to use the sportsbook. Multi-Level Permission Control The Agent Management System (AMS) can also offer different levels of permissions. For example, it can offer individual permission control that allows the agents to set the rules, as well as the global permission control that empowers the administrator to control the entire system.

Final Words

Using Agent Management System (AMS) on your online casino/sportsbook helps you to have a steady influx of players, thanks to the extensive network of agents and sub-agents that are always ready to convince more players to take advantage of all that your sportsbook offers. Choosing an AMS doesn’t have to be tricky, especially now that you understand some of the important factors to look for and what you stand to benefit from the system.

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